How to develop a unique brand identity through branding services in 2021? It is the most common question that business owners usually discuss and end up incurring losses. Brand identity also describes the essence of an organization. A brand identity usually involves those elements that are visible to the outside world. It includes the company logo, personality, colour scheme, and much more. Therefore, brand identity should be unique, impeccable, and distinct. Business entities should hire the best branding services in 2021. It would have a good personality and brand authority in the market.
Other than the visual elements, the business tagline is also associated with the brand identity. It is a short sentence or phrase that highlights the mission, and vision. It is also a part of the face of the business. All the mentioned features are quite a task if a business doesn’t take the assistance of branding services.

The steps to develop a unique brand identity through branding services in 2021 are:

How to Develop a Unique Brand Identity through branding services in 2021 from Pinaak Ventures LLP


1. Establishing Brand’s Personality

It is one of the most crucial steps to establish a brand’s identity. A personality can be of various types- classy, casual, sophisticated, and much more. For instance, Apple’s personality is that it offers expensive mobile phones which are considered as a status symbol in the market.

2. Determining the audience

It is imperative to determine a business’s target audience. Branding services in 2021 help a company to determine its target audience. Once the target audience is set, it eliminates the majority of the confusion and wastage of time, money, and effort. Determining the target audience involves taking customer surveys, phone calls, using customer feedback tools, and more. Customers are the key that helps owners to run their businesses. Therefore, it is important to fix the target audience.

3. Logo Designing

Logo is the heart of a brand’s identity. Branding services in 2021 ensure that their clients’ logo conveys the brand’s personality. Also, it is coherent with the colour scheme of the company. The logo should create a lasting impression. One should not overly design or crowd the logo. It should be attractive, appropriate, relevant, and should reflect the overall identity of the business.

After examining the core areas, these are some other features to develop a unique brand identity through branding services in 2021:

4. Setting up the typography

One should fix the company’s typography in coherence with the brand’s personality and the target audience. Fonts say a lot about the company and are quite powerful. The fonts should be kept simple but coherent with the personality. However, there is always room to experiment. Branding services in 2021 ensure that their clients also try mixing up the fonts and make the typography more attractive. However, the typography of your brand should not turn off the customers.

5. Setting the tone or language of your brand

Branding services help their customers to set the right language that fits the brand’s personality. Tone or language is the attitude of the logo or the company. For instance, if there is a brand involved in fun & recreational activities, then the language or tone needs to be more casual. However, if a company deals with high-end clients, then they should use a tone that is more professional. Brand personality and tone are both interrelated concepts. If the brand has a professional/formal image, they will use professional language while dealing with their clients.


All these points help a business to develop a unique brand identity through branding services in 2021. Pinaak Ventures is also known as the best branding service provider in Chandigarh with a track record of excellence and top-notch quality. Team Pinaak has also served a wide array of clients and strives to offer the best branding services in 2021 and years to come. Reach out to us for any query.