3 Years of Pinaak – Amazing Journey of Pinaak Ventures

Pinaak, a word that comes from our sacred texts, literally means the one who is the wielder of the bow. Similarly, at Pinaak we hold the power and tools to your success. Our meticulosity, methodical approach, and high standards of accountability have helped us achieve some curtain of great campaigns and lessons over the three years this company has witnessed.  

We started our journey in 2020 during the untoward events of COVID-19. During that time, I had recently lost my mentor, my dear father but instead of taking the path of self-destruction, I took a chance on self-discovery. While trying to discover my own identity, I ended up shaping one up for Pinaak. 

Today, we have helped some 200+ businesses in their digital transformation journey and made an impact through numerous corporate and cultural events. It gives me immense pleasure to know that we have worked with brands that have existed for generations and brands that have just sowed their seeds. During all the long hours and associations falling apart what kept us going was Lord Krishna’s wise words to Arjun, 

“ Arjun, 

Vyakti jo chahe ban sakta hai 

Yadi wo vishvas ke saath

Ichchhit vastu par lagataar chintan kare.”

We are not indifferent to these golden words and henceforth are able to live up to our commitments. When we fall short, we go back to our values, focus on our customer’s association with us, and leverage the power to overserve our customers.

As we walk into the 4th year, my only hope is that we grow. We grow with the growth of our nation, the greatest of all. The reason we started out as a 360-degree marketing agency was to provide support to Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises in India. Even though most agencies in our region target international clientele for 5x profits, our small team of 15 experts works for 1/5th the amount to successfully achieve objectives laid out by our clients. 

The following month we will be releasing our top 10 success stories. These success stories revolve around our internal and external stakeholders such as our customers, vendors, and employees/ interns. I hope you stay tuned to acknowledge the journey of a small business with zero investment to a business that can not only afford all its expenses but make genuine profits while maintaining integrity.

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