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Art of Authenticity, building the community through Event management

Pinaak has been catering to the community for three beautiful years now. We have been part of the curation and execution of a few even more beautiful events. We have had great collaborations on varied projects. We’ll be talking about two events that hold great value to us. Pinaak’s Event Management is getting more popular day by day. Let’s start with where we started.

Chandigarh Horseshow.

A Path Breaking event and a concept that not many people had heard of in so many years. Our Managing Partner, a lover of horses took the responsibility of Marketing this event in a manner that even celebrities promoted it willingly. Ms. Alankrita Sahai acted as a brand strategist for this event. Along with her we conceptualized and promoted the entire event.

The Event strategy was to make people aware of horses and horsemanship because the location where it was happening wanted to reignite the spirit of sportsmanship. Being experts in Event social media we had to use it to the fullest. Our ad strategy was super strong. We also brought in celebrities like Abhay Doel, Maninder Buttar, and Gurnazar Chatta to promote our 3-day event. We managed to acquire huge brands to sponsor the event. Due to the benchmark, we had set the following year it was hosted by this massive brand called Homeland Heights. We brought 8000 people across 3 days of this event. We harnessed the power of UGC to our strength and conventional marketing worked in our favor too. 

It was a mix of everything that made this event worthwhile. We had brands like Porsche and Hyundai to showcase their cars. A lot of other small businesses also were also amongst the displayers. 


Event Promotions with Pinaak is a different experience and you should not be taking just our word for it. The organizers of Tiecon themselves have claimed that the marketing of this event has never been better. Social Media does not always mean Instagram, for the kind of event this was, our focus was LinkedIn. LinkedIn proved to be the perfect platform for us to reach the target audience. Moreover, We did not just stop at LinkedIn, We went in with full force on Twitter and live-tweeted throughout the event. One thing we are immensely Proud of is integrating 7 new people into our team for this event. This team of 7 people and our team made this event massively successful.

An event that had leading entrepreneurs as speakers had to be marketed to perfection and how could we not? The event registrations closed down earlier than expected. The theme of – flight to entrepreneurship is something we banked on and used to our advantage successfully. In three weeks’ time, the entire town was going crazy about the summit. The website ranked over The Hindustan Times website because of our SEO Services.

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