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Digital Disruption, Pinaak As The Leading Social Media Management Company In Chandigarh.

Social Media is an essential part of our lives now. Almost all the content that we consume is through Social Media only. Marketing dynamics have changed over the years and social media marketing has become something that is essential for every brand. You must incorporate social media marketing into your plan to have a brand presence. Pinaak has been a successful Social Media Management Company in Chandigarh for 3 years. We have run multiple result-producing social media campaigns over the years. Let’s talk about a few of those here.


Khushi Ram’s Sweet Shop.

Khushi Ram’s is a Sweet Shop whose Social Media Advertising was our responsibility for their Lohri hampers. We did wonders for the brand in 10 days, We did ads on 2 platforms Instagram and Youtube. We also directed the youtube people toward Instagram. The brand received massive sales for that. People were lining up at the store asking for the hampers.


Ziba Homes

Ziba is a brand that is about Bone Inlay Furniture and we did their social media ad campaign. We ran an ad that cost them INR 6000 but got them the business for over INR 200,000. 


Laljee Jewelers.

Social media marketing is not just about ad campaigns, it is about catching the eye of the customer organically too. The content that we plan is uniquely designed to suit the brand’s needs as well as appear in the brand’s audience’s searches also. Laljee Jewellers is an account that reached people because of Pinaak’s creativity and the numbers have been fantastic. We used real customers to reach people out there instead of models. This appealed to our customers.



CP-67 is a mall by a real-estate empire in Tricity called Homeland Heights. We leveraged the power of UGC along with the campaign that we ran. With the help of just one video, we reached several people in Tricity, and around 2000-3000  people showed up at this New location.



To conclude, Pinaak has proved itself as a company that has made an impact over and over through its social media management in Chandigarh. We have been able to maintain our position on top and have taken strides towards perfecting ourselves even more.

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