Indian Brands with International Clientele

Beyond Borders: Supporting Indian Brands with International Clientele.

Pinaak as a Marketing Company believes in contributing to boosting the Indian Economy. We greatly appreciate businesses that bring money to the country. Here we are sharing about our association with two Indian brands with international clientele and are bringing business to the country.


The Himalayan Outback

A brand that we have been working with for over 2 years now. The partnership has been incredibly fruitful for both parties. A travel company that has been operational for around 20 years now, targets an international audience and makes them experience the best of India. The company offers various Fishing trips, National Park Safaris, and Treks. Their Ranthambore Tiger Safari is a greatly fascinating one.  


Our association with The Himalayan Outback is for Website Management, Youtube, and SEO. We started working with the brand in November 2021 and to date, our collaboration has been going strong. We have been able to bring a 40% increase in all organic traffic to the website. We have followed a dynamic Keyword Strategy for this. We have been able to bring the kind of audience that the brand seeks, adventure enthusiasts from the US and UK. 


Logic Apt

A patent search firm Logic Apt specializes in delivering high-quality projects for International Clients. They do Patent Searches, Patent Preparation, and Competitive Intelligence.


We have worked with the firm in 3 aspects 

  1. Social Media
  2. Newsletter
  3. Case Studies.


Logic Apt’s case studies are a very interesting thing to work on. The firm continuously wants to put its content out but also intends to maintain the privilege and confidentiality of its clients. This is something that is completely understandable and we follow this with utmost respect while we work on their case studies.

While their social media has brought them multiple leads, our newsletter has helped them retain customers. We have done some really interesting stuff for their social media like creatives for the 4th of July.



We are extremely grateful for the clients whose vision aligns with ours and we move ahead together while equally taking our country ahead. We want to make a mark with our work and presence. Let’s go together and let’s grow together and that too while making a mark.

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