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From struggle to Triumph, Pinaak, the Best SEO Agency in Chandigarh, fighting for its clients.

Best SEO Agency in Chandigarh-We as marketing companies tend to make this mistake. If one thing has worked for one client it might work for others as well. It is important for us to realize that every brand has a different story and it needs to be told well.

We did not become the Best SEO Agency in Chandigarh overnight, it took us a lot of time and effort. 

We have had our ups and downs. Sharing one such incident here with one of our significantly important clients Uniliv here.

Uniliv provides shared living spaces in Delhi. Their brand is based on the concept of creating a home away from home.

Initial plan

For a brand that is new to the concept of SEO, our SEO Experts suggest a time frame of 4 months. To see the significant growth on a website it is important to have that time to notice the difference. For three months, things were fine between us and the client but at the end of that time frame, the issue came into being.

The struggle: Best Seo Company In Chandigarh

Our struggle started when the client started noticing that our initial plan had stopped working and in fact, things are going south. The traction that the website had already was declining. Even the best SEO companies in Chandigarh can fail sometimes to deliver what is promised but the one important thing is how you get back on your feet. Pinaak has managed to do it efficiently time and again.

Bouncing Back

Our clients and their satisfaction mean the world to us. When Uniliv asked us to terminate our contract, we could not accept defeat just like that. However, we had no other choice but to accept our fault. We do believe in one thing though, We hold the right to overserve our clients.

To compensate, we cut down our prices and delivered more than what was promised. From changing the keyword strategy to changing the entire website content we did it all that too with half the charges.

Triumph at our door

After working extensively and closely with the brand, we now have proven results. The data speaks for itself. There is significant growth in the organic traffic on the website. Uniliv is thriving right now and ranking incredibly.

Pinaak just operates on one principle no matter what happens, we see the potential, never think of giving up and that is something that keeps us amongst the leading SEO Agencies in Chandigarh


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