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Cracking The Code With Best Website Designing Company in Chandigarh

Where there is a will, there is a way’, They say it’s not easy to get to the top but we believe, it is even harder to stay at the top. Pinaak Ventures is known to be the best website designing company in chandigarh. After working with multiple brands whether owned by a single individual or a group,we know how to execute it perfectly. 

The one website that we are extremely proud of developing is of trb group.

TRB Group is a group of companies that serves multiple business verticals.

It was an uphill battle that we conquered by integrating over 40+ brands for this website.


Certainly, we needed a masterplan for this and we created one and executed it.


The Master Plan

When you take up a strenuous task of integrating over 40+ brands under one roof you have to curate a layout that highlights each one. The brand also wanted to create a page where they could let people know about their new job openings. They also wanted to highlight their contribution to the community. 

The message of the brand had to be loud and clear.

For any Website development agency in Chandigarh, we have set a standard through this website.

We focused on 2 points while curation. 

  1. The brand’s message.
  2. The layout.


The layout and The Brand’s Message: best website designing company in chandigarh

The layout had to be to be clear and representative. We kept the landing pages to a minimum no. keeping the brand’s message of integrity in mind. For a group of companies that huge, we summed it up in 6 pages.

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Businesses
  4. Initiatives
  5. Gallery
  6. Career Opportunities.


Thec layout was completely based on 3 factors.

  1. Highlighting the different business verticals on a single page while integrating all the brands.
  2. Highlighting the different community initiatives.
  3. Highlighting the new job opportunities.


To make the brand’s message loud and clear we uploaded SEO Optimzed contend and images that are suitable for the brand. The content placement and image placement ratio made the website look even cleaner.



Pinaak genuinely believes that we have to provide what our client seeks exactly. Our client the T.R.B. group was incredibly impressed with the elements that we included like the timeline and the gallery section to present the community that they have.


Pinaak believes that after all that we have done we deserve to be counted amongst the best web designing companies in chandigarh tricity. Our clients have not just been from tricity they have come from all over the country and selected the best.


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