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First and Foremost: Pinaak Ventures, Branding Agency In Chandigarh

Firsts are always special and when it comes to business, your first client is someone who you’ll always hold close to your heart, coming to Pinaak’s first and foremost. Sahayak Associates is a company that is owned by Mr. Sandeep Sahni, an incredibly knowledgeable man with decades of experience. For a branding agency in Chandigarh that was just starting out, Sahayak associates’ trust meant a lot.


Sahayak associates And Pinaak

Sahayak Associates is a company that helps you start your journey toward financial independence through numerous investment prospects. They not only help you start the journey but also guide you throughout the process which involves constant communication with the clients. That is where Pinaak comes into play.

Pinaak has worked with Sahayak for over 3 years now and the association has been extremely special and insightful for both parties.


Association: Branding Agency In Chandigarh

Before Pinaak started, Sahayak had a complete offline model and We were trusted to create an online one for them. It was even hectic of a task to integrate both. Sahayak was in dire need of a business strategy company in Chandigarh during the time of covid-19 to reach potential customers that were increasing. Pinaak with all the good intentions and willingness to work took the challenge head-on.


Overcoming Challenges We had working with Sahayak Associates as a branding agency in Chandigarh.


  1. The first challenge we faced was to build everything from scratch, the website, the social media, and the market presence. The one thing that we leveraged to our advantage at that point was Sahayak’s network. We created a WhatsApp business strategy that worked brilliantly. From social media to Google ad strategy, we did it all for them.
    1. The founder being a knowledgeable and experienced professional in his field had a lot to share but we as brand strategists in Chandigarh had to use our understanding of the requirements of maintaining a dominant position in the market.
  2. Their team consists of all the aged and learned people but we were young rookies just starting out, eager to learn and grow. There were multiple arguments and conflicts that we went through to reach mutual decisions. So, bridging the generation gap was a challenge. After multiple communication efforts, we have now found a way to reach out to each other effectively.


Achievements and Milestones

Innovation is something Pinaak is known for and it started with Sahayak. We tried a lot of new things to grow Sahayak and It Grew tremendously. We have accomplished a lot with Sahayak Associates.


The Monthly newsletter that we do with ‘ Sahayak Associates’ is named ‘Sahayak Times’, it is a way of staying connected, educating, and reaching out to current and potential customers. Pinaak handles the creative and printing end while Sahayak handles the content.


Our event ‘Ma Tujhe Salaam’ did exponentially well. The Idea came into being watching someone talk about their business on an online platform. We created that Platform for Mr. Sandeep Sahani to talk about his business. Him being an amazing speaker, this Mother’s Day event brought a good amount of business. This event was curated and executed in 15 days to be exact.

We have done multiple events together and that has gotten Sahayak, various clients. Sahayak’s business has grown 5 times since the association.


We are all about growth whether it’s our company or your business, growing together is what we seek. Sahayak associates still stand with us and proudly we continue to serve them.


When are you choosing growth when are you choosing Pinaak?


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